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1977, B.A. Fine Art, SDSU
1981 - Attended Academy of London, England

Publications and Books:

Magazines: Over 50 International publications (see list), art and articles, featured artist.


Create at the Speed of Art by Pam Carriker,
Art at the Speed of Life by Pam Carriker
50 to Watch/ 2016 presented by The Studio Door, San Diego

Newspapers feature stories:

2012, summer, North County Times, 3 page spread in Arts section
2008, The Daily Californian: front page arts section, 3 pages art and interview
2008 - Star News Art section
Shows and Awards: Numerous group and SOLO shows at local, regional and national levels, over the past 15 years

Most recently:

2016: 50 to Watch - Best in Show, The Studio Door, San Diego- regional show juried by the chief curator of the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and the acquisition curator of Mingei International, plus a national publication

Art and Authored Publications

2017 (upcoming) Somerset Studio Gallery, Summer (upcoming) art and article: Wite-Out (using the product "Wite-out" as a resist for a bleach look) - feature

2017 Somerset Studio Gallery Winter vol.16 issue 1, art and article, 6 pages: Could Less Actually Be More? (Limiting lines and colors) - featured

2016 Somerset Studio Gallery Summer Vol.19, issue 1, art and article, 5 pages,: Watercolor Painting with Karo Syrup (adding Karo syrup to watercolors for a blurry faded color photo effect) -featured

2015 Somerset Studio Gallery, Nov/Dec Vol.20 issue 2 art and article, 7 pages: Art Frosting: Using Shaving Cream as a Medium (leaves cloudy, encaustic result) - featured

2014 Somerset Studio, nov/Dec Vol. 18 issue 3, Melange section, art and article, 4 pages : Channeling My Grandma (using preschool level coloring book pages to create "black magic" paintings) -featured

2012 Stampers' Sampler, Jul/Aug, Vol.19, issue 4, i page: art samples

2011 Stampers' Sampler Apr/May Vol.18, issue 3, art, 2 pages: art samples

2011 Handcrafted Vol.7, 2 art and articles, 4 pages: The Old Lady Party Package; (personalizing purchased kids' party favors for a fun "over the hill" party) art and article, 5 pages : featured

2011 Handcrafted Vol..7 1960's Shabby Chic Towels, (fabric collage images of old Hollywood starlets dishtowels) -featured

2011 Somerset Studio Gallery, Summer, cover art, art and article 6 pages: A Painting a Day: Wintery Paris (Vogue inspired art)-featured

2011 Art Quilting Studio, art and article, 3 pages,: The Souvenir Quilt (images on fabric of souvenir match boxes) -featured 2011 Haute Handbags, Spring, "Spotlight" section, art and article, 3 pages Canvas handbags : Live Free (freehand painted)

2010 Apronology, 2 pages: Rosie's Garden (apron and art) - featured

2010 Somerset Studio: Holidays and Celebrations, Vol. 2, 3 pages: Through the years - Special Mother's Day Tags

2010 Somerset Studio Mar./Apr, Vol. 14, issue 2, art

2009 Somerset Studio, Nov./Dec.Vol.13 issue 6 art and article, 5 pages: Automatic Painting (fluid blind drawing of conjured images with paint) -featured

2009 Somerset Studio, nov./Dec.Vol.13 issue 6 art, 1 page art: Milky Way’s Soul Descendants

2009 Somerset Gallery, Summer, 3 pages art and article: Color of Vintage (paintings of vintage photos done in unexpected colors) - featured

2009 Altered Couture Jul. - Aug Vol.4 issue 2 art and article, 3 pages: Canvas Aprons (hand painted)

2008-2009 Stampington Inspirations, art: Stylish Storage canisters with vintage images - painted)

2009 Belle Armoire, Mar. - Apr. Vol.9 issue 2, art one page: Abstract Apron

2009 Somerset Home, Vol.4 art and article 4 pages: 60's Style Shabby Chic Towels (features 1960 sexy ads - painted, collaged)- featured

2009 Art Quilting vol.1, art and article: Quilting Beauties (Hollywood starlet fabrics collaged towels) - featured

2008 Somerset Gallery, winter, art and article: Leafing Leaves (using moisture of picked leaves to create patina) - featured

2009 Artist Cafe, Vol.4, Cover art, 3 pages art and article: Stitchy Chix, (stitched paintings)

***2009 Artist Cafe , Vol. 4, Artist Portfolio, 7 pages***

2009 Somerset Studio Gallery, Winter, 2 pages art and article: High Society Pins (pins that featured people in funny hats, multicolored pins)

2008 Somerset Studio art and article, 5 pages: Bisquik Resist (using Bisquik as a resist on fabric) - featured

2008 Weddings, Vol. 4 Cover art, art article - featured

****2008, Spring Somerset Workshop, Cover art, art and workshop articles, 30 pages**** featured

2008 Somerset Studio, Vol. 12, issue 4, Art, 1page, 3 samples

2008 Somerset Weddings, Vol.4 Cover art, 4 pages, art and article: Memory Pages that Heal - Featured

2008 Haute Handbags, Autumn, 3 pages art and article: Canvas Carry-All

2008 Somerset Gallery, Summer, 3 pages: Layered Dreams

2007 Somerset Studio, 3 pages Workshop: Bleach, Tints and Beeswax - featured

2007 Sew Somerset, Premier issue, Vol. 1, issue 1, art

2007 Somerset Studio, nov./Dec. Vol. 11, issue 6, 5 pages, Yuletime Story Cards - featured

2007 Belle Amoire Jewelry, 3 pages: Faux artifacts

2007 Belle Amoire: Altered Couture : 4 pages: Collaged T-shirts

2007 Somerset Studio, 4 pages: Nostalgic Turtle Ride - featured

2006 Somerset Studio, Sept./Oct., Vol.10, issue 5 ; art and article, 3 pages: Altered Glossy Ads - featured

2006 Somerset Studio Nov./ Dec. vol.10, issue 6, art and article, 4 pages: Magic: Milk Resist - featured